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The region

A district 2,000 kilometres away from both Moscow and Lisbon and about halfway between Rome and Oslo can only be one of the most central places in Europe!

The municipality of Nobitz is located in one of the most dynamic and pleasant parts of Germany – the Metropolitan Region of Central Germany. Nobitz is also one of the easternmost districts in Thuringia.

An important hub of goods and information

It’s not by chance that Thuringia is known as the ‘green heart’ of Germany. It has earned this epithet not only for its central location but also its vibrant cultural and research sector, its rich heritage, and its endless stream of simulating ideas, all of which make Thuringia a unique centre at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. With a third of its territory covered by forest, Thuringia is enticingly close to European conurbations and has evolved over the past decade into an important hub of goods and information.

A green centre of growth in Europe

While its ideal location has long made Thuringia a green centre of growth in Europe, its easternmost district – Altenburger Land – has developed a fascinating momentum of its own. Nowadays, the district is an ideal place for businesses across the board to set up shop as they see fit. What’s more, thanks to its idyllic countryside and outstanding infrastructure, it provides plenty of opportunities for subjective and individual development in all areas of life. After all, it’s crossed or skirted by major roads joining north and south as well as east and west – and not just in Germany. The B7, B93 and B180 federal roads pass right through Nobitz while access to the A4 and A72 motorways is just a few kilometres away. And apart from spanning Saxony and Hessen, the A4 also crosses North Rhine–Westphalia and continues to the German–Dutch border, providing rapid access to various conurbations in Germany and abroad. The A72 provides a clear route heading south-east towards Chemnitz and beyond. The main road link between Leipzig and Chemnitz in Saxony has been steadily improved in recent years and is scheduled for completion in 2020. Meanwhile, the Leipzig–Hof rail link passing through Nobitz and Altenburger Land was extensively upgraded in 2013 by its operator, Deutsche Bahn. And the district also has a well-developed public transport network.

One important advantage remains the presence of the regional Leipzig-Altenburg Airport. Built in 1913, it’s one of Germany’s oldest airfields. Incoming and outgoing flights barely disturb the homogenous urban environment.

As well as being economically essential, the good transport links are a vital part of the area’s high quality of life. As a result, the diverse cultural amenities in the region are supplemented by the vibrant arts and entertainment scenes in cities such as Leipzig and Chemnitz and also towns like Gera, Weimar and Jena, which are also emerging as flourishing centres of education and research.