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Life in Nobitz

These days, the municipality of Nobitz has a vibrant, forward-looking local authority bringing together several villages in the district known as Altenburger Land to forge an effective community. Despite the tranquillity of the rural villages large and small with their traditional farmhouses, there is also an all-pervasive sense of urban modernity.

A place to feel at home

The culture of life in the municipality of Nobitz comes from the heart, and includes a good share of civic involvement to complement the array of public services available in the nearby towns.

This shared culture of living and working together results in the active, conscious organization of all sorts of aspects of life affecting the residents of Nobitz and sets great store by local values. Thanks to joint cultural activities, the inhabitants all have their part to play in the local community, creating a sense of identity and guidance.

A wide range of leisure activities

This sense of security continues at both the local primary school and in the secondary schools in the neighbouring towns of Altenburg and Gössnitz. In addition, the many sports clubs and cultural associations make for a wide range of leisure activities. And in children the municipality of Nobitz grow up in a safe, socially balanced environment.

A helping hand for the economy and medium-sized businesses

However, this modern culture isn’t only reflected in the tranquillity of the countryside or the rural customs and traditions. Instead, one of the key features of the quality of life in Nobitz is a combination of these traditional values, the respectful treatment of natural resources, modern infrastructure, upgraded transport links, and structures supporting mid-sized businesses and the economy as a whole.